He looked at his own Soul with a telescope.
What seemed all irregular, he saw
and shewed to be beautiful constellations.
And he added to the Consciousness hidden worlds within worlds.

S. Coleridge, Notebooks of a Great Metaphysician (1794/1804)

Film Director, Writer, Filmmaker

"In dreams begin responsibilities" - Delmore Schwartz

Jay Manari is an Italian Film Director, Writer and Filmmaker with experience working in films, TV series, and music videos both in Europe (Italy) and in the U.S (California - Los Angeles & New York). 

In the Film Industry, Jay has held numerous professional roles. In LA, Jay began as Executive Development Assistant and Camera Operator for director Simone Bartesaghi at the prestigious Los Angeles Film School. Next, Jay worked within the Cineaste Films Productions for the music video 'Vandaag - Bakermat' and for the TV movie 'Megachurch Murder' (also known as 'Shaker Pointe').

In April 2014, Jay founded ManarìFilmArts Productions Company in Los Angeles. 

In New York, Jay produced and directed "American Rouge" (2014), an experimental music video screened in England, New York, and India, and awarded as "Best Experimental Short Film" Audience Award at A Corto Di Donne Film Festival (Pozzuoli, Italy); and "Petite Blanche" (2017), a fiction winner of Best Editing Award along with a Nomination for Best Screenplay at Oniros Film Awards, and a nomination for Best Fiction at Gold Movie Awards.

Recently, ManarìFilmArts produced documentaries, and promo videos for third parties, and is currently working on the preproduction of Jay's feature film called "Feelings In The Shadow". 

In January 2018, Jay started working as Creative Art Director for MiraBan LTD company, both curating and managing art events and festivals, such as "MiraBanART Showcase", an itinerary art exhibition, running throughout Italy since July 2018, and MiraBan UK Film Awards, an independent film festival running at the Electric Cinema (London Greater Area). 

Since September 2018, Jay has been working as freelance filmmaker in Italy for a variety of video projects and footage on demands websites, such as Black Box LLC.

ManarìFilmArts Productions, sole-trader film and video company founded by Jay, has been in business partnership with MiraBan LTD since its very beginning. Consequently, in September 2019, Jay became MiraBan Co-Chief Officer and moved to Cardiff for the networking and growth of both the companies within the Entertainment Industry.

Key Attributes:

  • Clear Vision
  • Versatile and creative
  • Ability to work quickly and efficiently under pressure
  • Ability to work independently through feedback quickly to the deadlines given
  • Self-confidence and Determination
  • Organized with an attention for detail and an ability to work collaboratively Easily respond to critical feedback 
  • Large experience in storytelling and an ability to create visually exciting content 
  • Knowledge of following digital softwares: Adobe Premiere (6+); Final Cut Pro (3+); Photoshop (5+), Adobe Lightroom and Illustrator (2+)



  • "L'erba 'voglio' cresce nel mio giardino perché io la coltivo." (2012)
  • "Everything depends on how much strength you have, how stubborn you are, and how many people you can convince to believe in your idea." (2014)
  • "Those that go through Hell with you, and stay, are the only ones worthy the pain of those flames" (2017)
  • "Long Live the Film!" (2018) 


The background video of this page is an excerpt from BBC FOUR of "We: Variant of a Manifesto" (1922) by the Russian Filmmaker Dziga Vertov