"Your success hinges on your inner strength, determination, and ability to rally others to your vision." Jay manarI

Let's Connect

Jay Manari is an independent director-writer-producer, who started out working on independent films and commercials both in Europe (Italy) and in the U.S (California - LA & New York) back in 2014 where he worked with LA producers, such as Ed Polgardy, and, in the last years, in the UK, with series producer Jon Jennings, assisting directors like Ben Taylor (known for popular shows like for ‘Sex Education’) and Amanda Brotchie (known for ‘Gentleman Jack’).

Since 2018, Jay is the festival director and founder of MiraBan, and the ever-growing MiraBan UK Film Awards, a London-based, and diversity-driven film independent film festival, member of BFI and Film Hub London, celebrating diversity in low budget art-house films.

In June 2024, Jay was nominated 'Filmmaker of the Month' by My First Job in Film Company, the largest community of emerging filmmakers in the UK.

In the last five years, Jay has been working both as a producer's assistant and director's assistant in London-based High-end TV Dramas (such as 'Renegade Nell' by Disney Plus), as well as producing his own independent film productions available on multiple online distribution platforms.

"Making the impossible possible depends on your determination, strength, and ability to convince others to believe in your ideas."

Jay Manari