" Everything has already started before.                                 The first line of the first page of every story is referring to something that happened already

somewhere, out of the book. "

Italo Calvino



    2012 - La Linea dell'Amore / The Line of Love (Feature Film Script)
    2013 - Il Monello (Film Script)
    2014 - Espiazioni (Film Script)
    2015 - American Rouge (Film Script)
    2016 - Disumana - Volume Primo (Bildungsroman / Philosophical Novel)                                              
    2017 - Petite Blanche (Film Script)

ESSAYS  (Academic Articles)

    2015 - A Post-structuralist living example of Détournement: "THIS IS ME, ARIANNA"
    2015 - A Woman of Proportion: Clarissa Dalloway as Virginia Woolf's 'negative' identity
    2015 - Princesses' Development and Rebellion
    2015 - Exceptionality: how it is developed in the narrative of The Incredibles (2004), Tangled (2013), Spirited Away (2001)
    2014 - "De-Sidera" (Stars-Out): A Tomboy Story (Review)
    2014 - Response to: Introduction of Transfeminist Perspectives in and Beyond Transgender and Gender Studies by Ann Enke
    2014 - Response to Judith Halberstam's The Transgender Look


"Watch the play of shadows on a sheet" - Tarkovsky