"Your success hinges on your inner strength, determination, and ability to rally others to your vision." Jay manarI

In Development

The Filmmaker (biopic, comedy)

Logline: Jamie is an enthusiastic Canadian-Italian filmmaker with a burning desire to direct his debut feature film. . He's been working hard on various projects and writing stories in his second language while saving up to afford the cost of living in the UK. Jamie's life takes an unexpected turn when a well-known producer from a previous show offers him a golden opportunity: assisting a renowned producer on a high-profile TV show.

Feelings in the Shadow (romance, fantasy)

Logline: "Feelings in the Shadow" is a heart-wrenching period drama-romance that unfolds the story of Peter Pan trapped in an unfair, modern-age dystopia of Neverland turned into a circus of unknown artists, the lost boys. Narrated through the eyes of Felix (Nina Boucicault) the very first actress that ever-played Peter Pan, "Feelings in the Shadow" unveils the darkest sides of Peter Pan's original script, its alternative ending, and above all its drastic changes before its first appearance at the Duke of York Theatre on the 28th December 1904.